Jake Tucker

What I do

Journalist, events organiser, copywriter, games writer


I’m a journalist with bylines at Vice, Rock Paper Shotgun, International Business Times, Playboy, TechRadar, PC Gamer and others. I specialise in games, film, comics, tech and VR but also write about mental health and occasionally food.

Events Organiser

I run and organise VideoBrains, described by Vice as “the Ted Talks of videogames”. I’ve been running the event since I created it in 2014. I organise content for Rocket Jump Events, a series of short talk and networking events around the UK. I’ve also organised content for two Pocket Gamer Connects events, one in London and one in Bangalore.


In the last five years I’ve written content for a range of clients, including laundry start-ups, travel companies and financial services advisors. I can write on most subjects. Send me an email for more information.

Games writer

I’ve done narrative design and writing for a few Game Jam games, primarily the Global Game Jam title Gravity Academy I’ve also written several twine prototypes, and the completed 20Something. I’d love to do more.

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Cool Stuff

Here are some things I'm proud of
Founded and organised the video game event VideoBrains since 2014

Nominated for Best Feature writer in the Games Media Awards 2015.

Placed in MCV's 30 under 30 2015 :"Tucker has been one of the hardest working freelance journalists working in the games media in the last few years".

Finished Twine game 20Something, about loneliness, dating and the big city in 2016.

Wrote the cover feature for PC Gamer's May 2016 issue.

Organised content for Pocket Gamer's 2015 London conference, and the 2016's Bangalore conference.

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VideoBrains is a monthly series of events described by Vice as the “Ted Talks of video games”

I’ve been running it since September 2014 and it’s gone from strength to strength.
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20something is a game about dating and loneliness in the big city. I made it primarily to try and become comfortable with the Twine software, and though it didn’t get any press attention most people that played it seemed to enjoy it.
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My Journalism

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Misc writing

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