So, I’ve been playing Dota pretty much nonstop for a couple of months now, I’ve played over 250 games over the last few months and while I’m not particularly great (1.9k MMR) I have a pretty good time.

I’ve been trying to play through the 10 heroes on my compendium, and perhaps Brewmaster was the biggest revelation as he’s about 900 times more useful than you imagine, because he can do stuff that hardly anyone is aware of.


Did you know Brewmaster gets a guaranteed crit/dodge after 10 seconds with just one level of Drunken Brawler? Early game this means you can initiate with a real bang or dodge the first right click of a gank, depending on the situation.

Did you know Brewmaster has a ranged stun? When you pop his ultimate, the earth spirit gets a ranged stun. Pop the ranged stun on a fleeing enemy and mob up on that guy with all the other versions of cuddly elemental bears.

Did you know 75% miss chance is really fucking difficult to deal with if you’re a right click carry? You will do if you’ve fought against brewmaster and he’s sprayed you in the face with a beer. For 8 seconds you could be flailing away with a 75% miss chance with a 26% slow.

Did you know only one of your fucking “spirits” has to survive from the ulti for you to be born, and while it’ll go for the earth spirit if it has a chance, if the only one surviving is your land speed record breaking fire spirit, hey, that’s fine too.This can and should be abused if you think you need it, but that’s nothing compared to the big one..

Did you know the spirits generated by your ultimate aren’t affected by Naga Siren’s ultimate? This is insanity. This is an absolutely massive thing that 90% of people are not aware of, and makes Brewmaster a great counterpick to Naga Siren. Just make sure you get the Primal Spirit off before Naga busts out the Karoake and you can bring the pain. The cooldown can be a bit crappy but providing you’re strong enough to scare off the Naga this can potentially make it so that she’s wasting her ultimate.

The best part about most of these tips is that hardly anyone is aware of them, so they’re not countered.

Brewmaster can countergank like very very few heroes and will eat most right click carries for breakfast with the attack speed slow on his thunder clap, the drunken haze causing them to miss and the drunken brawler helping him dodge those attacks. Your thunderclap is a 300 damage nuke which is going to dissuade many from wading in to smack you in the early game and with the fire spirit and ranged stun of your earth spirit you can chase most nukers and supports down as they flee. He’s an exceptional 1 v 1 carry if you slot him into the right lane to get powerful early on.

He does have a shitty right click animation though, and he’s really really dependant on that farm but really, who can stay angry at that grinning drunken face?

Go play Brewmaster. He’s a rare sight on the lanes but super duper fun!


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