Introducing… VideoBrains

I’ve been sending out furtive emails, vague tweets and secretive direct messages for the past few days and finally it’s time.

I spoke at NineWorlds this past weekend, and it woke something in me that I’ve been slowly chipping away at:  What if there was a monthly meetup for people to get together and discuss games in an intelligent way?

My hope is that VideoBrains will do that for you, and I’ve reached out and got some speakers to do that, and they’re much smarter than I am.

We’ll start by looking forwards and back, the theme is: Old/New”

We’ll be talking about some of the games of yesteryear and how aspects of those games can tie into smart design today. Expect talks on gamification, game preservation, UnrealZelda and the future of videogame reviews.

Sticking with the new we’re going to have a couple of panels on Building Better Characters and How To Promote Your First Game, hoping to wrap up the evening by sending you home inspired.




Some talks are still being finalised, but I’m really excited to be able to give gaming another voice in the capital, and I’m really excited to announce VideoBrains is partnering with IndieHaven and NineWorlds to bring you some great speakers.

Proceedings kick off at 6:30pm at Meltdown Bar, Caledonian Road and after the talks wrap up at 10pm there’s going to be a chance to network, relax and play some videogames. We’re incredibly lucky that there’s also a Dota set-up there, so if you wanted to throw together a quick pick up game, there are 5 computers available.

Everything is still being cemented at the moment, but one thing is key – This is a free event, and I’m really passionate about being able to share knowledge and ideas in a safe environment. That is my commitment to everyone that is ever involved with VideoBrains. You can get your tickets here:

Happy to answer any of your questions! Hopefully this can be a recurring thing because I’m hoping to take submissions for Halloween talks next month, with the theme Things That Go Bump In The Night

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