Depression Quest

I wanted to write about my new years resolutions, but it’s tiring to again pledge to “Be more assertive” and to “Spend more time with friends“. Those were last years resolutions and I failed miserably.

I wanted to write literally a few words about Depression Quest, which just got Greenlit. I played it myself about a month ago, and it’s really something.

You can play Depression Quest for free here, or you can give them some money.┬áIt is without a doubt the single best way to describe Depression to anyone and is a great tool for raising awareness, It’s also a pretty good TWINE game, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Maybe now this is greenlit they’ll be less of the “Well can’t you just think more positively?” nonsense, but I doubt it.

Oh, I also had my first session with my therapist today. I’ll be undergoing some cognitive behavior therapy with a focus on self help which will apparently help me combat some of the behaviors that are making me miserable. Let’s find out.



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