Sun 12 April, 2015

Good Stuff

I was in MCV’s 30 under 30 for 2015. They used nice words: “Tucker has been one of the hardest working freelance journalists working in the games media in the last few years.”

I also got nominated for 2 GMA’s in 2015: Best Features Writer & Players Choice award.

I got nominated for a GMA in 2016 too. Best Feature Writer again.

I made a game, 20something. It’s an interactive fiction game about dating and loneliness in London. It’s on Steam now.

Places I’ve written (that have author pages) 


Waypoint (some cross over with Vice here. Some stuff made it over to Waypoint, Vice’s new gaming vertical. Some didn’t.)

International Business Times

Develop (I’m a contracted online editor here. I’ve been looking after Develop’s website in its entirety since October 2016)




PC Gamer

PC Gamer, again. (Probably an administrative error.)

Indie Haven

Pocket Gamer – I was the VR editor here between 2015-2016






Places I’ve written (without author pages) 

Tabletop Magazine – The green death: hopelessness, suffering and failure in lovecraftian horror RPG Delta Green

Bit-Tech – I’m one of the two games writers working here. Go to Bit-Gamer, and there’s a 50/50 chance it’s me.

Rock Paper Shotgun – Planet Coaster Reinvents The Theme Park Genre

Rock Paper Shotgun – 18 Years Later, Why Are People Still Playing Ultima Online?

Rock Paper Shotgun – A History of Tom Clancy games

Playboy – The Primitive ‘Intruder’ Redefines What Makes A Shooter Great

Midnight Resistance: Words About The Rainbow Six Games

GameRanx – Rainbow Six and the Commodity of Violence


Games I’ve made

20Something, a text game about London, life and loneliness

Gravity Academy, a card game with companion tablet app for Global Game Jam 2016. I wrote about it. 

I wrote a set of touchstones for Grant Howitt’s excellent tabletop RPG Unbound. Using my rules you can run a military flavoured campaign.



BBC5Live Game On Podcast: PS4-point-5? And Mother Russia bleeds

Ready-Up podcast – Season 6, episode 1: Back to School

BBC 5Live Game On Podcast: 1st Sept 2015 – Satellite Reign

BBC5Live Game On Podcast: 12th December 2015 – CQB and the Open Skies

VideoBrains – Rainbow Six: A History of Violence

VideoBrains – Reader, I ate them 


ME&R Zine – Issue #1: 1/2/3/4 (PWYW on Gumroad)

ME&R Zine – Issue #0: A DayZ adventure (Free on Gumroad)

Multiple issues of Official Minecraft Companion, PC Gamer, Games TM and Official Xbox Magazine