Autism awareness

It’s the 8th annual autism awareness day today.

I always write about it, mostly to thank the people that’ve been understanding of my condition, and compared to my exciting childhood being battered repeatedly by family and schoolmates for being “different”, I feel privileged now to be surrounded by a bunch of people who are good about the fact I’m a bit weird.

Anyway, I did some stuff this year.

Firstly, I wrote this thing for Vice.


It’s about L.A. Noire, and my experiences with it, trying to play a primarily social game with a total lack of social comprehension. You can read it by clicking on these exact words.

I should give a nod at this point to Jordan Webber’s article in Five out of Ten discussing asperger syndrome, which can be yours for £2.50. It was valuable background for some of my prep work.

I also spoke to Mat Jones about our experiences with the condition. We’re amusingly awkward, but we managed to keep this tight at 30 minutes. Again, click these words.


For a look back into the past, autism awareness is a good time to mention my piece on Aspergers as a coping mechanism, from September last year. Click it.

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